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What does "all-inclusive" mean?

In the simplest of terms, "all-inclusive" means that ALL you (as the author) have to do is WRITE—and, of course, pay off your chosen publishing package. PGP will handle the rest! This includes (but is not limited to): U.S. copyright registration, cover art design, editing, formatting for print AND digital, marketing materials, and SO much more! Unlike some other publishing entities, you are 100% involved in the process. We take pride in the one-on-one support we provide from beginning to end—and beyond!  

What is the average turnaround time from thought to published?

The answer to this question may be too good to be true: YOU determine the pace of your book's publication! We here at PGP understand there is enough to concern yourself with. Becoming a published author should never be a stressful event. With that in mind, on average, your book can be published within two months from the date your chosen package is paid in full. For those with a need for rush service, we have published books in less than 30 days! Each author's circumstance is unique, so feel free to send us an email for more information specific to YOUR project and needs.

I don't have time to sit and write my book. Do you offer other submission options?

PGP is VERY understanding. Some authors simply don't have the time to sit in front of a computer and type their manuscript. We offer a variety of ways to submit your story that cost a bit more but are available options nonetheless. Have you penned your story on paper? We accept it! Have you recorded your story and need it transcribed and turned into a book? We accept it! Do you need a way to record your story so that we can transcribe it? We have a resource available! Let NOTHING stop you from becoming a published author!

What types of marketing services do you provide?

Any book's success depends on the passion the author has for their own body of work. RSP's marketing service includes standing arm-in-arm with their authors through social media and email campaigns, video marketing, and more! We want to see your book be a huge success and are ready to help YOU make that happen! View the Informational LookBook for full details. 

Can you guarantee my book will become a best seller?

PGP has proven strategies that WORK to assist you with becoming a best-selling author, but we cannot GUARANTEE it. Here's the thing: Your audience is connecting with YOU, so some work on your part is required. After pouring your heart and soul into your body of work, why wouldn't you want to gain the title of BEST-SELLING AUTHOR? Most know that with that title, your work will be widely-accepted by book distributors, family, and friends alike. Choose PGP! We won't let you down!

My manuscript's word count falls in between packages. Which should I choose?

Should your word count exceed the maximum in any one package, you must do one of two things:

  1. Select the next highest package; OR
  2. Decrease your word count before submitting your manuscript.

If you are unable to decrease your word count, just think: You can add even MORE content that may add value to your book! We can help you either way. Again, we're here to help you succeed!

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