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3 Before 30: What I have learned from my past marriages - click on the image to buy $20.00


3 marriages before the age of 30. What was the lesson to be learned? Read this page-turning autobiographical account of Alexandra's truths as to why she married three times before 30!

Diary of a Haitian Church Girl - click on the image to buy $15.00


Geared towards young ladies, this book encourages the reader to use her voice and no longer be a VICTIM of silence. 

An easy read for ages 12 to adult!

Authenticity Matters - click on the image to buy $19.95


Real and raw stories that cut to the core of 'Self'. Learn who you are and why you are absolutely necessary!

My Testimony: Patience, Obedience and Peace - click on the image to buy $14.99


On the pages of this book, you will learn how Author Carolyn Gregory built her relationship with God even in the midst of being affected by betrayal, infidelity, mental illness, depression, and so much more. 

A story of hate, love and faith - click on the image to buy $15.00


After being attacked physically, mentally, and spiritually for MANY years, read Darlene's story of being a survivor and champion for Christ!

The power of a single story - click on the image to buy $20.00


A compendium of short stories that are guaranteed to evoke familiar emotions as you find yourself in these raw stories of faith and despair, family and betrayal, love and forgiveness.

You are a gift: a teen girl's guide to self-discovery - click on the image to buy $9.99


A tool that can be used to assist teen girls with their transitions from childhood to young adulthood. The "teen experience" is explored in depth on the pages of this book.

fearless woman: born to give thanks - click on the image to buy $10.00


The true-life story of a formerly-abused Pastor's wife—but she is FEARLESS today and tells her story of how she survived as only she could.

Transition to freedom: fearless woman part 2 - click on the image to buy $10.00


The continuation of Fearless Woman's story. Is her transition complete? Is she free from her abusive ex-husband—who was also her Pastor?

Confessions of a beauty diva - click on the image to buy $7.00


Making her way to the top of the beauty industry, Kie has some confessions she needs to make first!

Taking the kingdom by storm on godly marriage at a time - click on the image to buy $12.00


Godly marriages are NOT null and void; they exist and are  THRIVING! Tools to defeat the enemy and awesome ideas for those who are dating are waiting for YOU!

Party of One: A guide to being single and happy - click on the image to buy $15.00


Avoid the pitfalls of being a Christian 'single' in a secular world by reading the biblically-based insights and author's experiences.

Never alone: Intimate times with Jesus - click on the image to buy $12.00


The author shares inspiration found in being alone with Jesus by creatively applying and using God's creation, music, and other outlets when fellowshipping with Him.

Spiritual Growth: from milk to strong meat - click on the image to buy $10.00


This title progresses through the author's life, while encouraging others to be BLESSED by living a Christian life pleasing to our Heavenly Father.

My fight with god - click on the image to buy $10.00


A tell-all autobiography written by and FOR single mothers. 


The other side of through - click on the image to buy $9.99


The Other Side of Through  is a journey through life experiences of the author that left her in spiritually-dark places. Rosemary's testimony of how she made it through those stormy places will encourage and inspire her audience. 

Taking a deep breath after the ashes - click on the image to buy $10.00


An inspirational Christian fiction story that shares the author's testimony in a fun and creative way through the eyes of five women who reflect back on how God never left them. Suitable for ages 12 through adult.

In a world of people, i stand alone - click on the image to buy $10.00


Walk with Sheri as she tells of her journey of being diagnosed with non-military related PTSD while, at the same time, raising a child on the Autism Spectrum.

From Pieces to Peace: 32 Years of Lesbianism - click on the image to buy $17.00


Walk the journey to DELIVERANCE from a homosexual lifestyle with Author Tanya Meade as she shares her testimony of being delivered...

after 32 years of bondage.

straight up from the teacup - click on the image to buy $14.95


In Straight Up From the Teacup, Author Toni Dupree prompts you to take a closer look inside yourself to get to the "Tea of the Matter". If you desire to have great things come your way, being able to recognize greatness begins with YOU

unapologetically gray - click on the image to buy $17.00


UNAPOLOGETICALLY Gray was born out of frustration, healing, and growth from negative reactions Traci experienced about her hair color. Journey with her as she learned to be an UNAPOLOGETIC model in her natural transition of life in the midst of her critics—even to this day.

The Other Side of Me - click on the image to buy $20.00


Read the author's account of finding his way back into the loving arms of God after battling an out-of-control sex addiction, parental absence, and a failed marriage. If you struggle with unforgiveness, past relationship hurts, and generational curses, this book's for YOU!