Christian Fiction

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God, please send me a prom date part one - click on the image to buy $7.95


Faith is at the forefront of this wonderful story. Experience life through the eyes of the author and fun characters as they all learn: Faith in God is essential!

God, please send me a prom date part two - click on the image to buy $7.95


The story continues as the characters fully embrace God's lovingkindness, mercy, and grace. After all, God is LOVE!

Mirage - click on the image to buy $7.95


In Mirage, you will read the tell-all letter of a young woman who was wronged by a young man whom she thought would be her "forever love". What once tore her down has now uplifted her heart, mind, and soul!

infidelity: the roots of a broken man - click on the image to buy $10.00


A book written with both men AND women in mind, it addresses a topic head-on that is taboo: Infidelity. STOP searching elsewhere for love and acceptance and START living!

The roots of infidelity go DEEEEP - click on the image to buy $20.00


A book written for MATURE audiences only. The author tackles sensitive topics such as infidelity, molestation, physical and mental abuse, and MORE in this riveting novel. Fasten your seatbelts!

Diesel: The Dittleberry's Diva - Click on the image to buy $12.00


Diesel is a gifted and blessed young lady whose mission is to save two kidnapped girls from becoming human sacrifices. Will she make it in time? Or will Satan rewrite what has been foretold about his demise? This is an extraordinary tale of "Good vs. Evil," written for audiences of all ages!

meeting people where they are - click on the image to buy $15.00


Meeting People Where They Are addresses the topic of change. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the realization that only God can change us from the inside out—in His perfect timing and His perfect way. 



A gold-digging, crackhead mother. A father consumed with his own issues, he ignored the signs of abuse. Two sisters—Raven and Kelis—on separate paths in life. Can Raven save her sister from grave danger? Read this riveting fiction tale that's all too real!

Spiritual Warriors - click on the image to buy $14.99


Hell is about to wage war upon humanity and with it, an evil in which the likes of the world has never seen before. The only ones who can stop the evil and end the war are a group of extraordinary young kids with God-given gifts and abilities.

letter to my wife - click on the image to buy $10.95


A Christian fiction story laced with biblical teachings in a unique and relatable story written in letter form. Intended to connect with husbands facing challenges in their marriage.