Pre-Order "Kale Yeah: It's Still Good (Vol. 2)" Cookbook


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Kale Yeah: It's STILL Good - No Meat Necessary (Volume 2) is Dr. Brenda Bradley's second vegan-style cookbook. Suitable for ALL—whether you are seeking to live a plant-based lifestyle or simply want more information on how to begin the transition—this cookbook comes with over 50 original recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts, as well we testimonials from just a few of the individuals who have or are making the transition to a vegan lifestyle under the guidance of Dr. Brenda "The Fairy Godmother of Food"  Bradley. The colorful pictures are sure to inspire you to "cook up a storm" in the kitchen!

A ***FREE BONUS*** is also included! Dr. Bradley's 7-Day Kick Start Detox Program will help you flush out harmful toxins and recharge your body with the nutrients needed for optimal health, to include:

  • Weight Loss
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