H.E.R. Extreme Makeover

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Do you long to have the pains from your past erased and finally be cured of the diseases of shame, guilt, and regret?

Are you ready to remove from your shoulders the weights that make you feel like damaged goods?

Why do you believe great things can happen in others' lives but not your own?

In Jeremiah 29:11, God promises that He has a great plan and purpose for your life, so why do you doubt?

Indeed, it can be difficult to believe in His promises when "mess" continues to happen in your life.

People mislead and lie to you. Family members cause what feels like irreparable pain. 

Friends betray you. Your spouse breaks your marital vows.

In H.E.R. Extreme Makeover: Reflections of Healing, Equipping, and Restoring Messes to Masterpieces, you will read a collection of stories by women who have overcome adversity, faced their fears, and conquered in both their personal lives and business affairs. They have faced disappointments, financial hardships, health challenges, failed relationships, incarceration, childhood rejection, divorce, and more. 

Situations that were meant to deter them from realizing their purpose only proved to make them stronger. 

On the pages of this book, you will find strategies that promote internal healing. 

By the end, you will be equipped with the tools necessary to reach the total restoration of your soul.